Dating a gemini cancer cusp woman amanda peet jack nicholson dating

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This makes for an exciting and somewhat unpredictable lover.What they lack in reliability can be made up by being creative and visionary. Their partners may find them complex or even a bit selfish, but the appeal of their uniqueness helps to balance that out.A delicious meal out with lots of sparkling conversation is a good date for them, or going to a museum to be around beautiful objects while learning new things.

Taurus is known for their steadiness while Gemini is constantly changing and can’t be pinned down, so those on this cusp will manage to be reliable partners and lovers, while always keeping it fresh and interesting at the same time.Have you ever noticed that folks at the beginning or end of a zodiac sign express their sign with a different flavor?The days right at the transition of a sign are called “cusps” and while not all astrologers agree that the cusps are real (some say that your sign is your sign, period, regardless of the day) it’s undeniable that those clustered within the cusp days seem to have their own unique quality.They will be most attracted to successful, bright, outgoing people who have a lot of confidence and career mastery!Hard-working and driven to success, these folks do well when they feel they’re part of a power couple.

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